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Which? vs ACS:LAW “The UNUSUAL suspects”

May 19, 2010 1 comment

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Which? computing in their latest Magazine have an article regarding the many falsely accused people who have been caught in the “Speculative Invoicing” plan by ACS:LAW.  Described in the Lords as “Legal Blackmail, the article exposing it further to the light is published here. (I would urge you all to actually BUY Which? as it is truly an EXCELLENT magazine)

I would like to say a big thankyou to Which? Computing AND to Deborah Prince the Legal affairs Chief

 “Fair Use is Claimed”

The Davenport “TWO”: Their Solicitor speaks out

March 11, 2010 Leave a comment
Mark Stephens - Stephens Finers Innocent

Mark Stephens - Stephens Finers Innocent

The Solicitor representing Davenport Lyons EX Director Brian Miller and and current Director David Gore, has spoken out about his clients innocence.  Mark Stephens from the improbably named “Finers Stephens Innocent” said the following

Mark Stephens, a partner at Stephens Finers Innocent who is representing the two solicitors involved, rejected the consumer group’s allegations. He said Davenport Lyons has a long tradition of protecting the rights of creators, and its methodology for handling illegal file-sharing cases conforms to industry best practice, and has been adopted in the Digital Economy Bill currently going through parliament. Stephens said it was not correct to say the solicitors’ conduct was inappropriate in the manner alleged by Which?, adding that Davenport Lyons has a 100% success rate for the illegal file-sharing cases that it has taken to court. Stephens accepted that there was a ‘small concern’ regarding the information provided by the internet service provider, which Davenport Lyons had relied on. In a few cases, he said the ISP had wrongly identified the people involved. But once the error was discovered, the cases against them were not pursued. There were also a number of people who had left their computers in an insecure state and third parties had gained control over them. Again, said Stephens, these people were subsequently not pursued.

Here at “Received a letter from ACS:LAW?” we like to take the opportunity to share with you the results of this information when we fed it through our “Bull$hit Detector”

The Davenport/ACS/TBI Bull$hit Detector - Click here

It does not look good.  The FULL Statement can be found at

ACS LAW: Lord Lucas “How the game works” and “If the SRA wont do anything about them then WE will”

March 3, 2010 1 comment

Lord Lucas and others in the House of Lords give some hope to the thousands of innocent people accused of wrongdoing by these scheming scamming Solicitors.  It is long but WELL WORTH LISTENING TO.  Check the part from 1:20, he really sums it up well

Tilly Bailey & Irvine, ACS:LAW and Logistep: An Embarrassment to the Creative Rights Industry

March 3, 2010 Leave a comment

Lord Clement Jones lays into these Scamsters Lawyers in VERY strong terms in the House of Lords

Tilly Bailey & Irvine – Speculative Invoicing Letters – Follow ACS:LAW

March 3, 2010 2 comments

Well it HAD to happen, another greedy Solicitor representing the Porn Industry has followed the lead of Davenport Lyons and ACS:LAW and issued letters blackmailing asking innocent people to cough up £800 for downloading some horrendous Pornography that no-one has ever heard of but with such a provoctive title that rather than talk to their family about it they feel compelled to pay these swindlers  Solicitors their hard earned cash.  DONT DO IT!

Here is an example of one of their letters, of course with the personal details left out!

Labour MP Jon Trickett condems Money Grabbing Solicitors

March 1, 2010 Leave a comment

Jon Trickett has condemned as extortion the actions of ACS LAW a Solicitors sending out speculative invoices and trying to scare people into paying them.

Warning from MP over bogus legal letters Local MP Jon Trickett has urged his constituents to keep an eye out for letters they may receive from seemingly legitimate law firms. Jon Trickett said: It’s been brought to my attention that a number of my constituents have received threatening letters from a law firm demanding that they pay considerable sums of money for ‘illegally downloading’ material, such as films, games and music. I have referred all such cases on to the Solicitors Regulation Authority who are currently looking into the firm in question, but I would urge anyone who gets anything similar through the post to either seek independent legal advice or contact my office. Such firms can only get any money out of you by taking you to court and if you have genuinely not broken the law then you have nothing to worry about! I find it disgraceful that anyone should attempt to extort money out of people, particularly in a time of such economic uncertainty and I will continue to push the consumer and regulatory authorities to take tough action when anyone is found to be acting in such a way.

See his Website here and send him a Thankyou for standing up against these bullies.

‘Illegal downloading’ cash demand shock

March 1, 2010 Leave a comment

A GREAT article about ACS LAW a Solicitors “Currently under investigation by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.  In this article is seems that we have an MP following the lead of the LORDS in condemning and actually making a stand against these bottom feeding algae eaters.

See the FULL Article here


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