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ACS:LAWs Andrew Crossley has been suspended for Two years and  fined had costs awarded against him of over £70,000. The lead ringmaster of a Copyright Trolls/Speculative Invoicing campaign he admitted to Six Charges levelled at him by the Solicitors Disciplinary … Continue reading

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Davenport Lyons Solicitors: The FULL SDT Hearing published

Well It has taken it’s time, some say OVERTIME, but it is finally here. The FULL hearing into Davenport Lyons Lawyers Dave Gore and Brian Miller. (On Page 7 at 18 the cryptic letters are as follows … Tw = … Continue reading

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Davenport Lyons Two Suspended for “Intimidation” :UPDATE 1

Dave Gore and Brian Miller have been suspended by the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal for sending intimidating letters of claim to members of the general public that they accused of filesharing. * Although Gore and Miller accused the people they sent letters … Continue reading

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ACS:LAW: Cases settled “The FAT LADY sings, but silently”

The last Court Hearing involving ACS:LAW was postponed(17/06/11), we now know why, in what seems an almost endless wait, Ralli Solicitors have released a statement that the case has been settled, confidentially. I am pleased for those involved in the … Continue reading

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