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Sky Broadband Send Notification Letters About Golden Eye International To Their Subscribers (UPDATE)

OK, certain Sky Broadband customers are receiving notification letters from Sky notifying them of that they may receive a letter of claim from Golden Eye International Limited. I currently do not have a copy of the letter being sent out … Continue reading

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Open Rights Group appeals for funds, SO DOES “GOLDEN EYE INTERNATIONAL”!!

Open Rights Group (ORG) ¬†have stepped into the fracas of the Golden Eye International Court Case, that is threatening to bring more misery to innocent people in the UK.¬† They have taken over from Consumer Focus and need some funding … Continue reading

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ACS:LAW Abroad? All Greek to me – or “Smells like Bullshit”

Life is sometimes strange, would I ever write a Blog Post actually agreeing with Copyright Troll Andrew Crossley? Well read the rest of the Blog and decide that one. On this post though I have to say I have been … Continue reading

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ACS:LAW’s Greedy friends have lost their minds!

I actually watched Hurt Locker and was soooo dissapointed that I asked for my ticket money back for “failure to provide the services promised” I know I am in a small minority according to IMBD it was a “Good Film” I could not agree less. When I read this post I felt somewhat vindicated and certainly will not be watching anymore of their crap in the future. As far as I was concerned I was swindled out of the money I paid to watch it and was NOT reimbursed as I would have been for any other service or product that had not lived up to my expectations.
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