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View from the Lords “Copyright Trolls are villains and scammers”

Lord Lucas, the Lord who led the charge against ACS:LAW during the Digital Economy Bill debates is back, and this time with what he considers the companies who are just as bad.   Speaking in the HOuse of Lord at … Continue reading

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Tilly Bailey Irvine accept paltry Fine handed to them for “Copyright Trolling” UPDATE 1

Tilly Bailey Irvine (TBI) the Law Firm that jumped on the “Speculative Invoicing” bandwagon driven by ACS:LAW has “Agreed” to accept a monetary punishment of £2800. This is a sad sad day for those who followed this case and were … Continue reading

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ACS:LAW/Media C.A.T Letters issued by GCB Ltd (UPDATE 5)

People who have received letters from ACS:LAW the now INFAMOUS Law Firm based in the UK who have since May 2009 been sending out what many consider to be “Speculative invoices” and others “Pay us or we SUE” mail to people they suspect of filesharing, seem to have switched to a rather obscure company to continue
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ACS:LAW “Davenport Lyons were rubbish and arrogant”

In a startling email between Andrew Crossley and Andrew Hopper QC (concerning collaborating with Tilly Bailey and Irvine), Andrew Crossley dismisses Davenport Lyons efforts (Which he based his whole practice on) as “.. a little bit rubbish at doing this work” and adds “….to arrogant” Continue reading

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Gallant Macmillan use Digirights as their “Forensic Experts”

In their letters Gallant Macmillan state that “Ministry of Sound instructed a Software Company to identify occasions when their music is made availiable for download on peer to peer (“p2p”) Networks without it’s consent”. Now Gallant Macmillan DO NO STATE which “Software Company” this is. ACSBORE can reveal that the “Software Company” is none other than DIGIRIGHTS SOLUTIONS(DRS). Continue reading

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ACS:LAW a “No Show” on the “One Show”

Well ACS:LAWs Andrew Crossley had his chance to defend his “Foolproof” method of identifying people file sharing and he blew it. Not only did he blow it but he has now taken his reputation even lower than anyone previously thought possible. Continue reading

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Ministry of Justice: “ACS:LAWs conduct has caused distress”

What is fascinating about the letter is that the Under Secretary expresses and acknowledges the distress that the actions of ACS:LAW are causing. She also states that whilst the Government itself cannot do anything about it the SRA can, and also alludes to the fact that the SRA can ONLY deal with disciplinary actions whereas Compensation claims must be sought through the CIVIL COURT. Just read that again, here is an extract

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