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Witholding the Truth with ACS:LAW

July 17, 2010 Leave a comment




ACS:LAW has not released ANY information past ambiguous statements regarding their “Willingness” to go to Court.  They are now the Record Holder for MOST amount of complaints received by the Solicitor Regulation Authority.

Now a number of Plusnet Subscribers targeted by ACS:LAW have politely asked and continued to ask WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE? In regard to a section of the NPO order. Section 11 reads:

“Within six months of the date of disclosure referred to in paragraph 3 above, the Applicant shall provide to Respondents 1, 2, 5 and 6 a written report stating precisely from the relevant names disclosed (1) how many of those persons were sent letters of claim, and (2) against which persons legal proceedings were issued.”

Well so far NOTHING.  ACS:LAW don’t care, what you think or what anyone else thinks.  That is because they have NO REPUTATION to protect.  ACS:LAW are Andrew Crossley….PERIOD, and Andrew Crossley has more than once left his “Sole Practice” to join other Solicitors (see this as well) 2, I would be VERY surprised if this will happen again, but then his Para-Legal Terence Tsang is now at Cramer Pelmont so these things can and do happen.

I look forward to seeing an ISP standing up against ACS:LAW and actually asking them “WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE” I am sure this is going to happen, but it will ONLY happen when the ISPs actually KNOW that we the subscribers to their service are DISGUSTED with the actions of ACS:LAW.  (TALK TALK did this of course and have been vocal opponents of this Scheme).  Andrew Crossley must NOT be allowed to walk away unpunished from this debacle.

The sheer arrogance of this man knows no bounds. he has already bragged  that in 11 Months he has pulled in close to a MILLION Pounds

So Mr Crossley it is past 6 months, so WHERE is the Information that you were ORDERED to release showing HOW many people received a letter, and HOW many people you took to Court to recover the money you demanded?

I would wager that there is NONE that has been taken to Court.  If this is the case then ALL the ISPs in this Country should recognise that your SCHEME is NOTHING to do with the Creative Industries but merely to line your own pockets and that of your friends.

This whole mess MUST be tidied up and soon.  The woefully slow moves of the SRA seem to be coming to a conclusion and I can only hope that they will see fit to hand down a HEAVY punishment, although of course we still await the “Davenport 2″ Punishment.

You never did respond to my open letter did you Mr Crossley! I guess you were to busy counting your money, pried from the hands and mouths of frightened people who have been sold out by their ISPs.

ACS:LAW’s Greedy friends have lost their minds!

June 4, 2010 1 comment

Hi all I am posting this link but am sure I am the “Last to know this one”

“Hurt Locker producer: criticizing our lawsuits makes you a moron and a thief ”

I actually watched Hurt Locker and was soooo dissapointed that I asked for my ticket money back for “failure to provide the services promised” I know I am in a small minority according to IMBD it was a “Good Film” I could not agree less. When I read this post I felt somewhat vindicated and certainly will not be watching anymore of their crap in the future. As far as I was concerned I was swindled out of the money I paid to watch it and was NOT reimbursed as I would have been for any other service or product that had not lived up to my expectations.

Nicolas Chartier was BANNED from the academy awards for lobbying the committee for the “Best Picture” award that is laughingly won. Dont get me wrong I did not think Avatar was as good as it was made out to be either, HOWEVER it was downloaded over 300,000 times and is now the biggest grossing movie of ALL time. Why? I think because people saw it on the small screen thought , “DAMN that will be AMAZING at the cinema”, and went and watched it, and told their mates to do it to!  According to the House of Lords Avatar was subject to 300,000 illegal downloads BEFORE the film was released yet now it is the BIGGEST grossing film of all time.  As the Lords said it was “300,000 free adverts”  “See here

This just bolsters my opinion that these lawyers are simply looking at ways of recouping money through LACK of sales, NOT because they have been downloaded but simply because they are CRAP and substandard. 

Dunlap Weaver and Grubb AKA “US Copyright Group” and also the self-righteous “Save!”  Of course these people have NO interest in actually STOPPING downloading at all, they are “Money Grubbers”.  The split is roughly 70% to the Lawyers and 30% to the “Copyright holding company” you can imagine the pittance that the actual “Creative people” get from that.

But I digress, in a sense “Hurt Locker” seems an exception to the usual bunch of crap that is represented.  For Example Uwe Boll is considered the new “Ed Wood” a Director SO inept that most of his films feature at the VERY bottom of ANY thinking person.  Dont believe me? see here. Far Cry German Fried Movie House of the Dead

There are others but you get the point, these are REALLY awful films, the type people would not download if someone paid them!  This is actually a page you can go to to just pay up!!!! This is a TERRIBLE way of doing things, and I call on ALL of you to RESIST these people with EVERY fibre of your being. (Please dont eat or drink anything whilst viewing this page as you may choke on the hubris)

Remember this group is the VERY group that Andrew Crossley of ACS:LAW has been crowing about being in partnership with.

Contact your MP, Contact the Lords, Contact the SRA.  Do something DO NOT ASSUME that someone else is doing it for you!

This is as a wit put it “The movie industry  merely suing those with bad taste” or as the House of Lords put it “Straight forward legal BLACKMAIL”

Remember when Lawdit had to “payup” for linking ACS:LAW with Davenport Lyons?

May 3, 2010 3 comments

Remember when Lawdit had to “payup” for linking ACS:LAW with Davenport Lyons? 

….Well it seems that Lawdit was RIGHT all along. Here is a “screenshot” from Lawdit concerning the issue. From 13th May 2009 

lawdit acs 

And here almost a year later, the truth is exposed from ACS:LAWs own mouth! 

ACS Unexpected Admission (Click for larger image)

 Moral for you ACS is that when you LIE online, you will always be caught out! 

The News that Lawdit had been censured by ACS:LAW was a blow to many of us who had only then just received these letters. Lawdit have proved to be an excellent Solicitors and very generous with their time and advice. 

The Link in all this is again the Shadowy figure of Terence Tsang, who left Davenport Lyons just as the SRA were closing in on them to join ACS:LAW, and now true to previous form he has left ACS:LAW again just as the SRA are closing in on them to.  

Terence Tsang

Terence Tsang - Ex Davenport Lyons Ex ACS:LAW

It remains to be seen if Tsangs new Firm Cramer-Pelmont will continue the sad and depressing episode of persuing innocent people with wild accusations. Of course we DO know that Terence has his OWN “Monitoring” Software now!

Labour MP Jon Trickett condems Money Grabbing Solicitors

March 1, 2010 Leave a comment

Jon Trickett has condemned as extortion the actions of ACS LAW a Solicitors sending out speculative invoices and trying to scare people into paying them.

Warning from MP over bogus legal letters Local MP Jon Trickett has urged his constituents to keep an eye out for letters they may receive from seemingly legitimate law firms. Jon Trickett said: It’s been brought to my attention that a number of my constituents have received threatening letters from a law firm demanding that they pay considerable sums of money for ‘illegally downloading’ material, such as films, games and music. I have referred all such cases on to the Solicitors Regulation Authority who are currently looking into the firm in question, but I would urge anyone who gets anything similar through the post to either seek independent legal advice or contact my office. Such firms can only get any money out of you by taking you to court and if you have genuinely not broken the law then you have nothing to worry about! I find it disgraceful that anyone should attempt to extort money out of people, particularly in a time of such economic uncertainty and I will continue to push the consumer and regulatory authorities to take tough action when anyone is found to be acting in such a way.

See his Website here and send him a Thankyou for standing up against these bullies.

‘Illegal downloading’ cash demand shock

March 1, 2010 Leave a comment

A GREAT article about ACS LAW a Solicitors “Currently under investigation by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.  In this article is seems that we have an MP following the lead of the LORDS in condemning and actually making a stand against these bottom feeding algae eaters.

See the FULL Article here


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