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ACS:LAW to Hit the Cannes Film Festival! In search of crap films to extort money from

April 14, 2010 3 comments
Or “The Trough is dry so we will talk to people who have NO idea that we have NO good reputation”

ACSLAW to Hit the Cannes Film Festival!  Wow exciting times, Andrew Crossley must have made a LOT of money to weasel his way there. 

The chances of this idiot of course being thrown out of Cannes is quite high. NO respected Film Producer or production house is going to give him a second look.  Who will? Well films that are crap and that no one wants to watch. 

Who is Crossley working with regarding his “colleagues based in Europe and the United States”? Well if I had to hazard a guess at what smells the same in the US as this Crap in the UK it would have to be the “US Copyright Group” who has on its client list such films as “Steam Experiment,” “Far Cry,” “Uncross the Stars,” “Gray Man,” or “Call of the Wild 3D.” never heard of them? Well like I said that is because they are CRAP and don’t deserve to earn any money (Don’t believe me? Check out IMDB or the name of Far Cry Director “Uwe Boll”).  This is where the TRUE reasoning behind the “creating a revenue stream and monetizing the equivalent of an alternative distribution channel.” as US Copyright Group Lawyer Jeffrey Weaver recently commented, comes from.

You pick a game or a film or music, that is basically CRAP and does not sell much, rather than saying “Hey it’s a piece of Crap” they say, “the reason it has not sold is that people have copied it for free”.    They BUY the rights for P2P distribution of these AWFUL titles and then ANY IP that is caught in a SWARM is targeted, spoofed or not, they don’t care.  It is ALL money to them.  AVATAR of course did VERY bad at the Box Office because of all the free downloads!

Of course don’t fool yourself that this is actually JUSTICE, if there was ANY chance of it going to Court the actual claim would be DROPPED, see they don’t want a fight, OH NO they want to SCARE people into THINKING they will be taken to Court.  Don’t believe me? Ok, go find ALL the people that ACS LAW, Davenport Lyons or Tilly Bailey & Irvine have ACTUALLY prosecuted. Oh and Isabella Barwinska DOES NOT COUNT.  Go on, and please IF you do find someone please please email me, I will be VERY surprised.

 Oh and one last point, considering it was claimed that Isabella Barwinska was the FIRST person Prosecuted for file sharing in the UK, you could also go and see if you can find me a photo or any other info on this lady.

So I hope someone in Cannes spots this fat balding charlatan and takes some pics of him and his sidekick Terence.  You know where to send them…..


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