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ACS:LAW Suffers massive Email leak to the net (SRA REPORT Included)

September 25, 2010 3 comments

ACS:LAW have been dealt a catastrophic blow to their “Speculative Invoicing” Business Model.  A staggering amount of emails both internal and external have been released onto the Web for all to see.  The leak is allegedto be from a DDos carried out by 4Chan

The leak confirms lots of things that we only thought before but that is for a later post.  What is of interest here is the SRA Report and the response from Andrew Crossley.  The Report includes a breakdown of money he has taken so far.

SRA Final Report ACS Law

acs law response to SRA

An online version of the email leak is available here. (This will be up and down due to traffic)

ALWAYS check Torrentfreak for further developments and of course Slyck to debate the issues

Updates to come

One year on and ACS:LAW still Threaten

May 5, 2010 1 comment

Today is the First year anniversary of ACS:LAW sending out their “Speculative Invoices” of course when I say “they” I really mean Andrew J Crossley.  Let us not make ACS:LAW sound more grand than what it really is.  A one man band.

So with all the “Forensic” Evidence and “Airtight” cases, WHERE are the chances to stand in court then Andrew?  One Year? No Court cases?  shame on you!


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