Goldeneye International expose how desperate they are – many laugh in disbelief

Order Kemble v TCYK Highlighted(Late Post)

“Goldeneye International” (cough), the pornography Copyright Troll vehicle setup by Lindsay Honey (Ben Dover) and his partner Julien Becker (Optime Strategies) , has been struggling for relevance for some time now.

Most of us, thought they had slunk away, after wringing what little left there was from people frightened by the prospect of being taken to Court, by a bunch of shady looking Porn people. But now Goldeneye, have showed their hand, and it screams DESPERATION.

The Blog, Torrentfreak, has covered this better than I have the time, or ability to do, at the moment (or ever), but here are a few points I would like to highlight.

The case of Mr Kemble et al, who was taken to Court by Hatton & Berkeley, the UK copyright troll front used by the USA company of lame films Tcyk LLC, (Voltage Pictures), bears NO RELATION with the Goldeneye accusations at all. I mean ok, there are links between the companies, too coincidental to dismiss, but apart from that, the actual case cited, no. You see Mr Kemble, didn’t admit to actually infringing copyright, but did say, that “he guessed it could have been someone in the house.”, sadly, by the time he got to the “Reply, Deny, Repeat”, mantra, that all innocent people should, it was to late. Hatton & Berkeley, pounced.

Now when I say pounced, I mean it wasn’t that dramatic, their Head Robert Croucher had just served time in Prison for beating a Taxi Driver to a pulp, witnessed by the Private Members club doormen, who had just refused him and his gf entry to the club, Croucher was released under mysterious circumstances shortly into his sentence, (rumours that his wailing was upsetting the other prisoners, are unfounded), they needed a case, the laughter of the Anti Troll movement, had grown deafening, like the people they followed, ACS:LAW, they took Mr Kemble to Court, but it was a technicality, NOTHING TO DO WITH COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT. Mr Kemble was fined £1000, but the conditions of the case were that there was NO LIABILITY accepted on any side.

Now, imagine, if H&B had actually taken a person to Court, argued they had infringed copyright, presented actual evidence and then the person was found guilty, imagine the noise, you would hear, the crowing from the rooftops, did you hear any? No, me neither, indeed, so embarrassing was it, that Mr Croucher seems to have been forced out the company, and the reference to the “Kemble case”, is no longer listed on the H&B website.

So, along comes GEIL, sending their letters to people they have already harassed, attempting to stoke up fear with this useless comparison. Again, IF GEIL had a case, they would use it, not infer some “similar case”. It is as I said it was, smoke and mirrors.

If you receive a letter from GEIL from a Julien, Jools, Brenda, Jabba or whoever, REPLY, DENY, and ask them if this is not now harassment, you have denied, they said they would revert to you, and now they are bringing in an unconnected case, and dressing it up as something it inst to scare you into thinking, “Ohhh, I could get done for £1000, or I just could pay them the £500.”, don’t pay the blackmailers.

Remember, Hatton & Berkeley, with the weight of a dubious Hollywood producer, and the fact that the letter recipient had admitted infringement, but then withdrew, as he had not authorised infringement, or infringed himself, could only manage to get a £1000 fine, for a technicality, rather than the actual infringment. For me the astonishing part of the summing up, is in the highlighted portions that I have prepared for you, in that, there is NO ADMISSION OF LIABILITY, one would have thought that Hatton & Berkeley, would not have stood for that, it seems they had no choice.

Reply, Deny, Repeat. Do NOT be afraid, Stand Strong

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About Hickster

I am one of the many innocent people who have been accused of file sharing by Copyright Trolls, my letter came from the now infamous ACS:LAW, but they have now been emulated by many more using the same system. Their ruse is simple, Send out letters of claim with NO Real evidence beyond an IP address that they claim was captured using a frowned upon hack of Shareaza. My REAL opinion of these companies turned when they started sending out Pornography claims, THAT is what I find most disturbing. People who HAVE to pay up without the option of having their day in Court. THAT is NOT Justice. Why can't they just go to Court? because the Lawyers, pitch the price of paying the "Compensation" at about the same rate as hiring a lawyer to fight it. Things have changed in the last 8 years though. I would advise people to read the "Speculative Invoicing Handbook Part 2", research these people yourselves, and find me at Slyck Forums, or on Twitter. Do NOT Worry, Stand Strong
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3 Responses to Goldeneye International expose how desperate they are – many laugh in disbelief

  1. bpaw says:

    Great post Hicks mate.

    Just my opinion.

    I see it as a best case get out by TCYK before the Judge had to decide on balance of probabilities. Matters didn’t go well with ACS:Law and GEIL previous with Judges, so arrange a no liability settlement before the Judge says what a load of tripe this is.

    The Company You Keep (“TCYK”) downloaded by step sons? p0rn maybe, but a 2012 drama / thriller starring Robert Redford? Who has heard of TCYK? Who would seed TCYK on BT?

    The desperation from GEIL to quote this case in their latest letter / email campaign to me has made me feel that they have exhausted all possible tricks, loop holes, subterfuge and / or lies.

    As you say Hicks mate, it is desperate and laughable!

  2. Alan says:

    Not a “fine”. This is a civil case.

  3. Rosa filipes says:

    What do you make of the fact that Julian has now become a bit of an internet celebrity and fixture on AFTV? I doubt most viewers know about his line of work. Ironically, in this video, he is advertising a VPN. Maybe this VPN could come in handy when downloading Ben Dover titles. @2:52

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