A Gesture From A Law Firm – Let’s Kill Speculative Invoicing

LawditLogo1Thanks to Michael Coyle and Hickster.

It is with absolute pleasure for me to provide wonderful news to those who have received a Letter of Claim (“LoC”) from any Limited Company such as Goldeneye International Limited (“GEIL”), TCYK llc (The Company You Keep), Mircom International Content Management & Consulting Ltd (“MIRCOM”) and others who practice the much criticised Speculative Invoicing.

A firm of Solicitors based in Southampton and London who are called Lawdit Solicitors, who specialise in Intellectual Property, have long recognised the dubious practise of Speculative Invoicing needs to be stopped. The practice of Speculative Invoicing has previously been operated by dubious Lawyers in the past and dubious Limited Companies today.

In what can only be considered as a wonderful gesture and will most likely bring an end to Speculative Invoicing, Lawdit Solicitors are offering their services to those who have received an LoC for a one off fee of £90.00 including VAT.

And what does this one off £90.00 including VAT with no strings and no additional fees bring you?

Well, from the pdf document from the Lawdit Solicitors website:

  1. Our advice in writing and a discussion with you.
  2. Go on the record and draft and send a letter on your behalf – you will receive no more correspondence and we shall take the pressure and embarrassment (if any) from you and it will always remain confidential.
  3. Deal with any response and draft and send a second and final letter.
  4. Drafting and sending any third letter if applicable.

So, the first nasty phishing letter from those like GEIL you do receive is THE ONLY letter you will receive from them. All other letters from GEIL will have to go to Lawdit Solicitors who handle all replies using their expertise.

This takes away one thing those like GEIL pray on and rely on and that is trying to shame innocent people in to paying their settlement demands which can be £600.00 for one alleged infringement, and if they allege more infringements their settlement demands can be three times more (Subject to a minor discount).

So will that be the end of the matter? To quote from the pdf document on the Lawdit Solicitors website:

Whilst the chances of a court case against you are practically nil we cannot guarantee that a claim will NOT be issued but we promise you free legal advice if the Trolls do decide to litigate.

That is we will represent you for free

So the likes of GEIL will be unable to conduct their shame exercise by sending LoCs to unsuspecting ISP subscribers. Instead they will have to send them to a firm of Solicitors who specialise in Copyright and Intellectual Property.

Also, in the very unlikely event of Court proceedings being issued against you, Lawdit Solicitors will represent you in Court for FREE!

Why is Court proceedings very unlikely? Well in all the time Speculative Invoicing has been around, anyone who replies to an LoC with a denial has never had Court proceedings issued against them. This includes those who had NO legal advice.

The Trolls will know, in having to send their correspondence to Lawdit Solicitors instead of the intended ISP subscriber, that issuing Court proceedings to an ISP subscriber will mean the ISP subscriber being represented in Court by experts.

So where’s the catch? There must be a catch! No, there isn’t a catch. Quite simply, there is only one motivation by Lawdit Solicitors offering this and that is to bring Speculative Invoicing to an end.

Michael Coyle, Solicitor Advocate and Director at Lawdit Solicitors recognises the Legal profession can be an expensive business and the settlement demands from Copyright Trolls are aimed below the potential costs of Legal advice and representation.

Michael Coyle explains the gesture by saying “I am hoping that doing this will in some way be a nail in the coffin of these people”.

So this gesture is to send a message to the Copyright Trolls that operating their Speculative Invoicing scam will no longer be profitable and to bring it to an end.

GEIL tried to ruin innocent peoples Christmas time with stress and worry, and Lawdit Solicitors will hopefully put an end to their plans.

If I was of the type that enjoys a bet, I would be at the Bookmakers putting money on what Michael says!

Over the years that speculative invoicing has been around, which is about ten years, there have been moments which have been truly remarkable.

Think of Andrew Crossley being fined and suspended for two years by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (“SRA”) and The Davenport Lyons solicitors David Gore and Brian Miller being fined and suspended by the SRA also.

The main factors in common with both SRA decisions?  They are all solicitors who were found guilty of “sending intimidating letters to individuals they accused of illegal filesharing.”

It took solicitors to think of Speculative Invoicing and the ill-gotten rewards it brings by sending nasty letters with huge disproportionate settlement demands based on very questionable evidence.

It now hopefully will be a fantastic gesture by law firm Lawdit Solicitors which will finally bring Speculative Invoicing to an end.

How great that would be!

If you have received a Letter Of Claim from Golden Eye International Limited or any other Limited Company, get in touch with Lawdit Solicitors now to put your mind at rest.

Contact them by:

Telephone: 0800 862 0157
Email: info@lawdit.co.uk
Website Enquiry: http://www.lawdit.co.uk/contact-us

So the message is, as from Lawdit Solicitors themselves:

So stand firm against the trolls, don’t pay and instruct us today!


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2 Responses to A Gesture From A Law Firm – Let’s Kill Speculative Invoicing

  1. Paul says:

    Brilliant news.
    Hopefully they’ll not pester me this time as I gave them a few things to think about if they want to to take me to court namely a receipt from amazon that cannot be disputed as it eh receipt is on my account which jut goes to prove they DO GET THINGS VERY WRONG!!

  2. Katrina oreilly says:

    So Fight smoke with fire.
    Well done to a honourable act by this law firm.

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