Sky Broadband Send Notification Letters About Golden Eye International To Their Subscribers (UPDATE)


OK, certain Sky Broadband customers are receiving notification letters from Sky notifying them of that they may receive a letter of claim from Golden Eye International Limited.

I currently do not have a copy of the letter being sent out (yeah we do now – Hicks), but if you have received such a letter then the most importing thing is to be calm and do not feel stressed about it.

Read the letter and be aware of the likelihood that a Letter Of Claim (“LoC”) from Golden Eye International Limited (“GEIL”) will arrive through the post at some time soon.

Previous letters like this were sent from O2/BE Broadband to their subscribers in anticipation of GEIL letters being sent out:

Yeah OK, easy for me to say! “Don’t feel stressed about it”.  Well, you are not alone and with you finding yourself here, you have guidance and help.

If you do receive a letter from GEIL, it may be similar or the same as this below:

(We covered this “Phishing” letter on the blog!)

The above letter was decided by a High Court Judge from the following High Court case involving GEIL:

The above Court case is quite a lot to go through but essentially Justice Arnold ensured that you as a receiver of an LoC from GEIL do not have to pay them if you are innocent.

Now, with that established, where can you find further guidance?

Firstly, please visit a forum completely dedicated to this:

Read the posts and understand that many people have gone through the same experience.

If you wish to ask a question, register with using NO DETAIL that could be linked back to you. Don’t use your name, nickname, email address etc. Create a new email address which has no resemblance to your name or nickname.

Be Anonymous! LOVES anonymous!

Further help can be obtained from The Citizens Advice:

You can use the Citizens Advice consumer complaints procedure:

You can write to your MP:

Most important. If you are innocent STAND STRONG and do not pay them and seek help.

Do not suffer alone and try to bear such a burden. We are here to help.

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7 Responses to Sky Broadband Send Notification Letters About Golden Eye International To Their Subscribers (UPDATE)

  1. paul says:

    Not again! ffs

  2. paul says:

    So basically they’re going after the same people. A lot of o2 customers were migrated to Sky. I cannot understand why no MP has jumped in to stop this scam!

  3. Hickster says:

    Thanks Bpaw, for stepping in like that, been a little busy!

    Sky and Virgin and for that matter should hang their heads in shame, I dont care what they or others say about “oh they have no choice”, they do, they have a choice to engage with their customers, I have repeatedly asked for information with regard to the NPO as to how many people have actually been taken to Court, as is stated in all the NPOs, and have never received a reply, of course we know that their hasnt been a case, and that is the point, if this is true and their hasnt been a case then their is no good reason for the NPOs to keep being issued.

    Virgin said they “fought hard” for their customers, whereas O2 just rolled over, but both refuse to release any info citing their “Legal dept has advised against it”

    I do not advocate copyright infringement, but I consider these shysters and scammer far worse and damaging to the Public than what they claim that infringers are to the creative industries, indeed, as Lord Clement stated in the House of Lords about these people, THEY are an embarrassment to the creative industries.

  4. Unhappyskyuser says:

    I have always wondered this if some thing is uploaded on torrent or on the Internet who is the legal owner? Like when you put a picture on instragram and fb they claim the rights. So does the copyright owner have to pay place its uploaded royalties and does and given away publishing rights? And are gei sending out photograph proof of people watching and sharing the video or just speculating.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Do we have to pay?

    • bpaw says:

      If you didn’t do what they claim then you are innocent. If you are innocent then you shouldn’t pay. High Court Judge Justice Arnold said at GEILs last NPO case:

      “First, the Claimants know that an unknown percentage of the Intended Defendants are not infringers at all. Intended Defendants who have not in fact committed any infringements are not liable to pay any sum.”

      GEIL tend to forget those words, but they are true nonetheless.

  6. Typical Capitalism says:

    I haven’t got a letter yet and don’t understand how this works does this involve clicking the download video option off a porn video site? or from a file sharing site? I have done the former but not the latter

    Also does this only involve Ben Dover videos or is their other sites? if it is the former I am ok as I would never watch anything involving that old fat POS. Finally how did Goldeneye work out which IP addresses where downloading videos?

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