Golden Eye International Limited – No Comment – UPDATE


Golden Eye International Limited (“GEIL”), fronted by Directors Julian Becker and Simon Honey, have been strangely silent recently. 

What was effectively their last word to their O2 victims in their Letter Of Claim (“LoC”) correspondence? Oh yes, it was those prophetic words below:

We remain confident of our evidence against you, and will revert to you once your file has been reviewed if a decision has been made to progress matters against you through the legal system.

 And let’s remind ourselves of their words of wisdom from GEILs website homepage:

While every attempt will be made to seek a settlement out of court we will not hesitate to enter into court proceeding with those who fail to acknowledge our intellectual rights.

 “we will not hesitate” eh?

 The last words from the previous post on this blog stated:

The message is clear to GEIL. Back up your “Evidence”, “Technical witness” and “Expert witness” and issue proceedings against an alleged infringer who denies your claim.

The truth is no legal outfit or copyright holder has done this, and it will very likely never happen.

There is nothing more to say other than GEIL are never going to take an alleged infringer to Court, and test their claim against an alleged infringer who is allowed to mount a defence and all GEIL have done is operate an alternate money making scheme for failing producers.


 Now I will take the opportunity to divulge a bit of information on Mr Simon Lindsay Honey.

 Two bits of information taken from the Wikipedia article are:

 Simon James Honey (born 23 May 1956 in Sittingbourne, Kent), better known as Ben Dover

Honey joined The Ian Mitchell Band (formed by Mitchell who had previously joined Bay City Rollers on bass for seven months in 1976) in May 1979, who whilst not finding success in the UK or US, released three studio albums and regularly toured across Europe and Japan”.

So by 1979, that would make Simon Honey about 23 years of age when he joined “The Ian Mitchell Band”.  Hmmmm……

 I would like to bring to your attention an interview of Simon Honey which he gave to Strictly Broadband website, which although no longer exists, it can been seen in an archive here.

I’m sure you had plenty of girls to give a good seeing to as well, though. I certainly did, especially in Japan, where our bands were really big. I shagged a 13 year old on the bullet train once, and I was only about 14 at the time myself.

 “only about 14 at the time myself”?????? More like 24 years of age, and this would have been an illegal and criminal act.

Obviously these are the words of Simon Honey and it could be true or a bit of bare faced bragging.

 We have seen before, mentioned in a previous post on this blog, more bragging from Julian Becker:

I never thought of myself as a pornographer, but I started looking at content and text messaging. I had actresses outside football stadiums giving out cards. They acted really unprofessional, but that was deliberate: ‘My name’s Ella, I’ve just arrived in the UK and I’m looking for new friends’. They would give the cards to these guys, who would then give them a call, but it would actually go to some bureau. It was normally a bunch of gay guys down in Brighton who played the roles. I always found that quite amusing, and it did OK.

That is a scam.

Remember, this is THEIR words.

Maybe we can gain an insight from Mr Simon Honey and his personal blog post about an alleged paedophile gang:

The activities of these low lives duly came to the attention of the local Plod. Plod investigated, but when it became clear that it was a Muslim gang, the shutters came down, e-mails were deleted, diversity courses were attended, and finally the powers that be gave the order to turn a blind eye and let the scumbags carry on with their revolting activities. Well, better a few underage white girls being abused , gang raped and forced on to drugs than another bomb on the underground eh?

Yet again, this is HIS words.

More words from Mr Simon Honeys blog:

Apparently the reason these women are forced to dress up in what looks like a cheap Darth Vader fancy dress costume is so that other men can’t see the beauty of the woman lurking underneath, and as a result be consumed with a lust that they will be unable to control!

I think we all know from their own words what Mr Julian Becker and Mr Simon Honey are.

Please feel free to comment.

I will now provide a piece of true evidence that hasn’t come from these two individuals but instead from the Police. In this document, you will see a transcript of an interview with Simon Honey taken from the Metropolitan Police in the early eighties when Videx Ltd was raided:


Mr Honey seemed to have a repetitive problem providing the response “No comment”.

Question: “Do you work for Videx Ltd?”; Answer: “I don’t wish to make any comment.”

Oh the irony! Are O2 victims allowed the same luxury of providing the same response to GEILs LoCs? I think not!

One of the questions put to Mr Honey in the Police statement:

I received a film ‘The Videx Video Show’ which shows you in it engaged in sexual practices, is it in fact you in that film?

Hmmm………..Mr Honeys last statement:

I would just like to say that I can see nothing at all offensive about the sequence included in the Videx Video Show filmed at Eureka Sun Club. It is merely a documentary type sequence showing families indulging in a totally innocent pass time ie walking around with no clothes on.

The Videx Video Show was described in the Police statement as a film which shows Mr Honey “engaged in sexual practices” also showing “families indulging in a totally innocent pass time ie walking around with no clothes on”. Mr Honey replies with “I would just like to say that I can see nothing at all offensive about the sequence included in the Videx Video Show”.

Which seems to be described in the statement as a pornography film showing adult sexual content and also showing a sequence which shows naked families at the “Eureka Sun Club”.

Was this video an adult content film also showing inappropriate footage of naked children? Look at another part of the Police statement:

Mr Honey, I’am satisfied with the documents in Police possession together with the observation on the premises at <-snip-> that you have a responsibility in the running of Videx Ltd and in addition having viewed the ‘Videx Video Show’ that you are aware of the contents of that video and as such you will be charged with the offences under the Obscene Publications Act and under the Protection of Children Act and again I remind you of the caution, that is formally telling you of what you are going to be charged with.

It is at this point where I say “No comment”.


This blog is all about proof and truth, but within the realms of speculative invoicing. The protagonists have been proven on this blog time and time again to make unjust claims, unjust demands, providing inadequate evidence and above all making complete lies about promising to issue Court proceedings against those who deny their claim.

What is Mr Simon Honey? No comment.



Has anyone formed an opinion of Lindsay Honey?

It could be difficult considering he has grown old now, and maybe more evidence is required to form an honest opinion.

A more recent bit of evidence is required:


Ben Dover needs new girls for TVX project

We have a new series commissioned by TVX, and we’re currently looking for suitable girls to cast. The most important aspect is the girls must all look young [18] as that is the theme of the series.

Does the adult industry make it OK to let a prominent legend performer who self professed he “shagged a 13 year old” at 24 years of age then promote that person at 58 years of age to say he “needs new girls” who “must all look young“?  A 58 year old who “needs new girls” to look like 18 year olds!

A father or mother might want to make a comment if their daughter was involved.

I wish to make one comment.


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16 Responses to Golden Eye International Limited – No Comment – UPDATE

  1. nitrox11 says:

    As always a fascinating and enlightening read.

  2. Rhino says:

    They can’t take anyone to court now. They had 12 months and it’s nearly 18 months now. But this article is gold and well done to the researcher

  3. Rhino says:

    I wonder if they actually made any money?

  4. Jim says:

    He plays part time in a Guns n Roses tribute act and does stand up routines in the back rooms of pubs – with the occasional video shoot, pretending his co “actor” is his son! lol The mansion only lasted 5 years and I’d imagine he in a lot of debt – still trying to live the high life though I’m sure. He’s a funny one, on one hand pleading poverty when it comes to trying to rob money off internet users, but on the other bragging of being the highest paid male UK porn star, holiday homes and fleets of cars. It’s all bollocks/fantasy. He isn’t an intelligent guy – his “empire” crumbled when hardcore porn became legal in the UK in 2000….. it’s no coincidence that his website looks like it was designed in 2000! 🙂 Once there was a level playing field, he lost the market.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Excellent post… Really good, so full of well researched info… Are you a Journalist? Is the Blog at an end? Bpaw this is really good article.. Have you take over? Or are you Hickster?

    • bpaw says:

      acs:bore IS Hicksters blog, and is THE place to find the truth about any Law firm or outfit who participates in speculative invoicing. I personally believe that this blog has always been and will always be an important haven for the false accused. I am just playing a small supporting role in that quest.

      Thank you and to everyone for the kind words. They will always be appreciated.


  6. Anons says:

    I’d been keen to understand if there is any compensation for false accusations? I know I’ve had real emotional anguish throughout this process.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I’d be interested to know if the police are taking any action against mr honey in the light of his own statements.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey,on the last comment it refers to mr honeys own statement is this something hes said recently regarding his attempt to rip 02 customers off for 500 quid without any credible evidence and a threat of courtroom action

  8. bpaw says:

    In spite of what has been provided here as evidence, GEILs claim has to be regarded as a matter of importance simply because they won their NPO and appeal.

    Don’t dismiss the law just because the claimants have their own questionable past and present.

    To those who have felt stress and anguish, it can only be brought up in front of a Judge if and when GEIL decide they issue proceedings against you.

    To those who are feeling stressed or anguish as a recipient of a GEIL letter and if you sent a letter of denial back to them then stop it! Stop any anguish or stress. Those who deny don’t lose. History has proven that.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I recieved a letter quite some time ago and it caused me a very great deal off stress so much so my wife went ahead and had an abortion because of the stress it caused us both.there 12 months is well and truly up.i denyed it 3 times that i didnt do wat they accused me of.are they still goi through with taking people to court.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Thankyou for your comment about my loss.unfortunatly i cant change whats happened and the pain i will always carry.i just want to know what there plans are .!

  11. Mr Angry! says:

    From what I understand from of the articles I’ve read false accusations come from Libel and slander:
    I’m trying to find ways of hitting them back! the nearest I can find so far is a “WASTED COSTS”.

  12. nancyboy says:

    really sick to pretend that someone has gone through an abortion because they received such a letter through the post. the fine itself is miniscule and is easy to deny, so pull the other one laddy. and stop posting using different names etc.

  13. Steve Bruns says:

    I have just received a letter from them stating i downloaded a pornographic film on Boxing Day 2013. I wouldnt know how to for a start and am a happily married man with 2 kids. I have writtent o them denying this and said i would happily contest this in court. The response was the GEIL would be in touch about the claim against me within 72 hours. Any advice?

  14. One very angry person says:

    As the bill payer cannot be held liable for all the people that have access to your PC. Ask them.

    1) for proof that can be provided in court and before where they can identify the individual who they think had access to the PC at the time of the alleged offence and as MANY people have access could they please provide a name and description of the person.

    2) There period of time for doing this expired in March 2012 This was dictated by the court. Could they please explain to yourself and the courts as to why they are ignoring court orders.

    3) There are police transcripts in the public domain that link YOU to rather unsavoury practise. These will be brought to the judges attention should you choose court action. Lying in court, Perjury , is a whole new offence as I’m sure you are aware. as is ignoring high court instructions as mentioned above

    Please reply with your solid evidence of a description and name of the individual on your reply and how you managed to identity the person, because you’ll need to do this court.
    Please reply with 5 days of receipt of this letter which is more than long enough.

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