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Court of appeal permits Copyright Trolls to have their friends join the party


On Friday a Judgement was made by the Appeals Court with regard to Golden Eye International(GEIL)

GEIL the Copyright Trolls, who are resurrecting the ACS:LAW “Speculative Invoicing” had originally been denied their chance of using 12 other Porn Companies in their Legal Action.  They appealed and now the Court has awarded them what they had wanted.

This was not unexpected however it is VERY disappointing, O2 Subscribers were represented by Open Rights Group (ORG), and they put up a good show according to the Court record.

Although ORG could not stop the appeal, there are some positive points to be had however, GEIL had depended on a high volume of letters being sent out, that is after all the only way this “Alternative revenue scheme” can work.

After being rejected by the initial Court hearing and only having just under 3000 Ip addresses captured by their Software Monitor, they duly sent them off to O2 to have them matched to actual subscribers who would then receive a letter from them asking them to explain why they had infringed their Copyright.  GEIL must have been disturbed to see just under a 1000 actual matches.  This is a woeful amount, considering the “Software Monitor” is a “Forensic Expert”.

With the disparity in captured IP addresses and the actual matching of them to subscribers one can apply some logic to see that now GEIL have won their appeal, and have the other Producers on board, they can now send the remaining 6000 IP addresses to O2, but based on the low quality of the Monitoring, one can see that it could lead to less than 2000 retuning as being matched.  This of course will leave GEIL with around 3000 actual details they can send their letters to.

GEIL had originally planned to charge £700 per letter, that will not happen as the original Court hearing said no, GEIL also wanted to state that the Subscriber was responsible for the Infringement, regardless of whether they knew or not.  The Court has also said no to that reasoning.

Also unlike when ACS:LAW were practising a similar Legal action, no one really knew much about it, now they do, and this will be the greatest threat to GEILs plan.

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  1. Ed Hunter
    December 28, 2012 at 1:38 am

    Seems like the “win” over the ORG has gone straight to Becker’s head. Come January, he’s bracing himself for a few trips Stateside. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-20852157

    Now, who does this remind us of :-) Deja Vu – “Exciting Times Ahead” !

  2. Alan
    December 28, 2012 at 11:32 am

    Are the films that they are attempting to prosecute people for copying exactly the same as those allowed to be distributed in the UK?

    A quick search of the Melon Farmers site reveals that Ben Dover’s R18 rated videos are frequently cut for scenes involving urolagnia (watersports). If these scenes (as unpleasant as they are), are included in the videos that people are accused of acquiring illegally, then how could they possibly be prosecuted for downloading them, they could never have legally bought these titles in an unexpurgated form in the UK in the first place.

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