ACS:LAWs Andrew Crossley Internet Villain of the YEAR 2011

Andrew Crossley - ACS LAW

ACS:LAWs Andrew Crossley scooped the ISPA award for Internet Villain after being beaten to LAST years by Peter Mandleson.  He was nominated this year for

“For demanding payments from members of the public on behalf of certain rights holders with poor evidence which brought the “legal profession into disrepute”, and for failing to secure the data of those accused”

Crossley will face the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal in August this year.  It follows a year of misery for Crossley who was declared Banrupt and fined £1000 by the ICO for the leaking of over 8000 Plusnet and SKY Internet subscribers details including their credit details and linking them to vile pornographic material. 

He has been laughed out of Court and roundly ridiculed Mps and the media alike.

More to follow

About Hickster

I am one of the many innocent people who have been accused of file sharing by Copyright Trolls, my letter came from the now infamous ACS:LAW, but they have now been emulated by many more using the same system. Their ruse is simple, Send out letters of claim with NO Real evidence beyond an IP address that they claim was captured using a frowned upon hack of Shareaza. My REAL opinion of these companies turned when they started sending out Pornography claims, THAT is what I find most disturbing. People who HAVE to pay up without the option of having their day in Court. THAT is NOT Justice. Why can't they just go to Court? because the Lawyers, pitch the price of paying the "Compensation" at about the same rate as hiring a lawyer to fight it. Things have changed in the last 8 years though. I would advise people to read the "Speculative Invoicing Handbook Part 2", research these people yourselves, and find me at Slyck Forums, or on Twitter. Do NOT Worry, Stand Strong
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3 Responses to ACS:LAWs Andrew Crossley Internet Villain of the YEAR 2011

  1. Anonymous says:

    i,d like to twist piano wire around this wankers knackers & string him up to a ceiling light connection and tease him with the switch , but every now n then give it a quick flip on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. the useless tosser!

  2. Avtar says:

    Thank God Crossly of ACS Law and Gore and Miller from Davenport Lyons have been found guilty but as they say the taste is in the pudding and we will have that if the punishment fits the crime and hit these rogues where it hurts them most- in their pockets.

    It is sad that the the kingpin in this scam, one, Trevor Sears, the bossman at Devonport Lyons has escaped justice by hiding behind the skirts of his subordinates.

    It’s worth remembering that it was Davenport Lyons who initiated this scandal and when the it became too hot, after the screening of the BBC’s Watchdog in December 2008, Sears transferred files and some staff to ACS Law in order to continue his money printing letters.

    The public efforts should now be focused on the SRA to bring Sears before the SDT.

  3. zoomboy says:

    Well done Andrew… you’re not a loser, in this instance at least.

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