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Revolving doors at Gallant Macmillan

Strange things seem to be afoot at the offices of Gallant Macmillan the “latest entrants into the hall of infamy”, the new “Speculative Invoicing” team seem to be going through changes not only to their staff but also their PARTNERS.
I have posted three seperate screen caches to demonstrate.
On the 10th July 2010  on the day I first heard of their plans to represent the “Ministry of Sound” in targetting alleged filesharers, their were THREE Partners Simon Gallant, Kate Macmillan and Annsley Ward (This was actually originally TWO Partners and Ms Ward who was billed as  Annsley Merelle Ward a Trainee Solicitor)
On the 13th July 2010 it seems that Ms Ward had left and that Gallant Macmillan were down to their TWO Partners presumably whom the company is named after.
On the 18th July 2010 Ms Macmillan has left and been replaced as Partner by David Middleburgh.
I don’t know what this says about their clients BUT I think it says an awful lot about their practice.  Ms Macmillan was listed as a “leading individual in Defamation/Reputation Management in Chambers and Partners Directory 2008″
It seems at the very least that Gallant Macmillan have lost their “Reputation Management” which IF they continue their “Speculative Invoicing” will be in complete tatters in any case.
We tried to contact Ms Ward via her Twitter page but she LOCKED her account without reply (How rude).  No further news forthcomming as of yet.
These are NOT the only changes to Gallant Macmillan, in recent times they have lost the services of Dominic Edmondson AND Venya Wijegoonewardene.  Of course some of this IS speculation, but then Speculation is the name of the games for these law firms isnt it? Revolving doors indeed

GM Website 10_07_10

GM Website13_07_10

GM Website 18_07_10

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