ACS:LAW – Humiliated by rejection of the US Copyright Group

An ambitious claim posted on the ACS:LAW website has been retracted and ammended after a confirmation from the Solicitor Group it claimed to have been “Working in cooperation with” was dismissed by the group. 

The “US Copyright Group” AKA “” and also “Dunlap Weaver and Grubb” confirmed they are NOT working with the increasingly isolated Andrew Crossley.

Less than a month after losing his most active Para legal Terence Tsang, who left to join Cramer Pelmont, (leaving off the fact that he had EVER worked for ACS:LAW)  Andrew Crossley is now facing derision and ignomy after claiming to work for people who he is not.  How embarrassing.

This is all of course also on the back of his threat to SUE the people he had falsely accused for comments he considered libellious and defamatory

We call on Andrew Crossley to STOP what he is doing,  It is getting to the point of complete and utter humiliation now.

Below are the original post and the edited post after it became clear that Dunlap Weaver and Grubb had denied Crossleys involement.

The original Post by ACS:LAW 1st June 2010

The edited Post after learning that the Group wants nothing to do with them

About Hickster

I am one of the many innocent people who have been accused of file sharing by Copyright Trolls, my letter came from the now infamous ACS:LAW, but they have now been emulated by many more using the same system. Their ruse is simple, Send out letters of claim with NO Real evidence beyond an IP address that they claim was captured using a frowned upon hack of Shareaza. My REAL opinion of these companies turned when they started sending out Pornography claims, THAT is what I find most disturbing. People who HAVE to pay up without the option of having their day in Court. THAT is NOT Justice. Why can't they just go to Court? because the Lawyers, pitch the price of paying the "Compensation" at about the same rate as hiring a lawyer to fight it. Things have changed in the last 8 years though. I would advise people to read the "Speculative Invoicing Handbook Part 2", research these people yourselves, and find me at Slyck Forums, or on Twitter. Do NOT Worry, Stand Strong
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