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ACS:LAW Response to the DeBill being passed

The rather childish response from ACS:LAW as posted on their website.

ACS Law are delighted with the passing of the Digital Economy Bill through the House of Commons and welcomes a new age of prosperity for our creative industries. The swift and decisive action taken today will ensure that rights owners may now invest with confidence to deliver high quality media to the masses. 

This firm has always held the belief that the owner of the internet connection should be held, in the first instance, to be responsible for copyright infringement occurring on their internet connection. We are encouraged to see that the government are of a similar view. The Digital Economy Bill comes as a tragic blow to those who have failed in their misguided attempts to campaign against our work and similarly, those who believe that they can continually deprive hard working musicians, film makers and software companies of the revenue they rightly deserve without repercussion. 

In a short space of time, we have demonstrated sustainable and measurable results for our clients. As our client list grows, we continue to represent and work closely with rights owners to ensure that their intellectual property is protected. The future holds many new opportunities which this firm will capitalise upon, as we aim to multiply our successes through a new marketing initiative to take advantage of the Digital Economy Bill.

Time to pop the champagne cork and celebrate? We certainly think so.

So says ACS:LAW (Leaving aside the fact that he targets many innocent people with his $250 piece of crap monitoring software).  I will leaves their words hanging as they do, there is NOTHING I can say that would make them any more ridiculous than they already are.  I will also leave the last Word to Mr Crossley, regarding his clawing back money for the rightful owners.  “After my expenses the copyright owner is the largest single beneficiary,” he said.

What he of course FAILS to mention is that in the ACS:LAW Business Model Logistep, Digiprotecr and now his own Friend LEE BOWDEN, BUY the rights to the material for a pittance and so make the money as the “Copyright Holder”, nice work if you can get it, oh and of course you don’t have a conscience.

  1. April 8, 2010 at 1:42 pm

    Reputation is a tricky thing. If you take actions that damage your reputation, it is the equivalent to cutting your own leg off, without using anesthetic. The anger in ACS Law’s recent statement shows that they already are starting to feel this.

    Keep the pressure on them. If it becomes socially unacceptable to blackmail innocent internet users, law firms will stop doing it.

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