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Davenport Lyons, ACS:LAW, Tilly Bailey and Irvine, SHAME ON YOU

Davenport lyons Disciplinary

These people sent a letter demanding £500 to an elderly couple, accusing them of illegally downloading gay porn film Army F*ckers.

The firm’s clients include German company DigiProtect, which owns the rights to Army F*ckers.

Can you even imagine what it must be like for a family man who is innocent yet receives a letter accusing him of downloading GAY Porn? How does he explain to his family that it is wrong? This is just one example of this kind of nasty “Extortion” or as the House of Lords referred to it, “Legal Blackmail”.  How many families will be destroyed by people like Miller, and Gore, and now Andrew Crossley of ACS:LAW, and Amanda Mitten of Tilly Bailey & Irvine?  Destroying people for a fast buck, nasty just plain nasty.  Shame on them.

Miller and Gore will of course be given a right to defend the allegations that are levelled at them, and a chance to a fair hearing.  It is not fair that this right is stripped from the people they accuse.  The ones who pay up, pay for a hoped silence to keep it from their families and loved ones, but those who choose to stand strong keep receiving letter after letter, even after they have denied the allegation. 

ACS:LAW and Tilly Bailey & Irvine MUST either put up or SHUT UP, if you have this evidence then lets go to court and let us defend ourselves as is our right,  STOP this legal circus that you claim Mr Crossley can last for up to SIX YEARS, end it NOW, go to court and try to save your tattered reputation, after the news that your previous Client in the “Sex on the Beach in Dubai” (Vince Acors) was confirmed as your personal friend and that also your other friend Lee Bowden of Piri Ltd and Media-Cat is also involved with you after working as Mr Acors Press Agent, I realy dont think you have a reputation to protect.  Is that why you are so dogmatic?,  that you have nothing left to lose? Well then so be it, I think you will be following Mr Miller and Mr Gore into the Disciplinary tribunal soon enough, and Ms Mitten dont think you will get away with it either.

  1. Netizen Kane
    March 7, 2010 at 3:49 am


    to have no care for their profession
    nor for thier own reputation
    demanding you sign a self confession
    or tricking you into self in-crimination

    truly, truly unscrupulous

    It is my hope, for others sake
    your victims as they are known
    that they find you a fraud and fake
    and the book at you is thrown.

    there is not a word that defines the complete lack of scruples displayed by the players in this legal black-mailing scheme.

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