Terence Tsang has been VERY Busy

A Little more background on this merry scamster Paralegal from ACS LAW

 http://tezzywezzy-tsang.xanga.com (Yes Terence has seen this and now blocked access)

Was invited to Hay and Kilner law firm social last night. Free drinks and food – how could one resist?

The quality and potential of a law firm can be judged by asking 3 questions:

1) Did they spoil you, a potential employee, at the social nights?

2) Does the firm have their own bakery to bake their own cookies?

3) Walk around the company car park… like what you see?

4) Starting salary?

Lately, I have been firm hunting and I have discovered a slight problem – I’ve been refusing to consider look at any firm which didn’t have their own bakery!

Yes, crazy I know – but – having said that, one taste of cookies they bake at Clifford Chance and you would want to work for them too. They were soft to the touch, perfect crunch, slightly bendy if not held properly and really milky. They also treated us to a lovely steak dinner with lots of champagne on their assessment day last year. Unfortunately they haven’t replied to my application this year =( Boohoo…

Have to go to an Eversheds cocktail party on the 15th. No bakery, but it would be quite rude to not attend with all those yummy cocktails waiting to be drunk.

Name: Terence Tsang
Gender: Male
Birthday: 24/11/1982
Location: Newcastle
MSN/Email: ceo@advangroup.com

More About Me
Nicknames: Tez
Religion: Jedi
Heroes: Alan Partridge, Stephen Chow
Interests: Sex
Expertise: Sex
Occupation: MD
Industry: Automotive
Website: http://www.autoadvan.co.uk

About Hickster

I am one of the many innocent people who have been accused of file sharing by Copyright Trolls, my letter came from the now infamous ACS:LAW, but they have now been emulated by many more using the same system. Their ruse is simple, Send out letters of claim with NO Real evidence beyond an IP address that they claim was captured using a frowned upon hack of Shareaza. My REAL opinion of these companies turned when they started sending out Pornography claims, THAT is what I find most disturbing. People who HAVE to pay up without the option of having their day in Court. THAT is NOT Justice. Why can't they just go to Court? because the Lawyers, pitch the price of paying the "Compensation" at about the same rate as hiring a lawyer to fight it. Things have changed in the last 8 years though. I would advise people to read the "Speculative Invoicing Handbook Part 2", research these people yourselves, and find me at Slyck Forums, or on Twitter. Do NOT Worry, Stand Strong
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