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ACS:LAWs Terence Tsang the “Del Boy” of file sharing buys job lot of monitoring programs “Off the back of a lorry” to help out his Bosses Mate!

April 5, 2010 9 comments

Lee Bowden - Media C.A.T and Piri LTD

With news breaking that the Paralegal Terence Tsang has bought code from a freelancer with a view to:  

Terence Tsang - ACS LAW, AvanGroup, AdvanMedia

 “Create a bit-torrent client for me which will obtain details about file sharers of certain torrents. Server is Linux. The torrent client just needs to monitor IP addresses and take information which is then placed in a database,” writes Tsang in his request.  

Andrew Crossley - ACS LAW

“The information needed is as follows: Host IP, Hit Date and time (GMT time), Provider network name (i believe whois search will help with this – can you think of a better way?), P2P Client, File name, File size, MD5 of file,”  

And also:  

 “So we need to get the software to monitor a number of specific torrents it needs to create a database of the above information. The database needs to be able to import into a database file like csv. I am only interested in UK IP addresses. Easy job if you have the skills,”   

It seems only right in light of ACS LAWs failure to release details regarding their “Monitoring system”, and the fact that ACS LAW Sole Partner Andrew Crossleys buddy and work associate Lee Bowden has entered the fray as a client of ACS LAW to do what they do best and SPECULATE, so here goes.  

Lee Bowden owns MEDIA C.A.T and The Text Works and is a Partner with Jay Puddy of Pirri LTD.  Although there is NO suggestion that Pirri LTD is involved with this but MEDIA C.A.T most certainly is and so is Bowden.  

Indeed at the hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice in London on November 19th 2009 When Chief Master Winegarten asked why rights holders were dealing with Media C.A.T and not directly with DigiProtect, Crossley said that  

“[Media C.A.T] happen to operate in the UK…dealing with UK companies…” In referring to the scheme ACS:Law and DigiProtect operate in respect of these hardcore porn titles, Crossley tried to suggest that they were doing a public service by helping to prevent the sharing of restricted movies on P2P.  

Chief Master Winegarten responded by noting that  

“[this is] not a moral crusade” and that in his opinion, ACS:Law and DigiProtect were doing this “…because you want the money.”  

So what are we to make of this? Well it PROVES that Terence Tsang bought code for the very purpose of bringing file sharing suspects to court.  

The work dates back to April 2008, I do NOT know when he left Davenport Lyons but this time scale would at least indicate the timing of a realistic business practice.  Indeed  their WAS a abortive website that attempted this that was registered back in January 2009, it name was and a quick WHOIS search reveals that the Registrant is…… Terence Tsang of Advanmedia/AdvanGroup and also of ACS:LAW.    

We KNOW that Lee Bowden and Andrew Crossley are friends or at the least associates.  Bowdens Company Media C.A.T is in trouble with it’s finances and needs cash, how? Well a quick search of Companies House Website SHOWS that Media C.A.T is in trouble.  

1)  If Terence Tsang had inside knowledge into the methods used by Logistep and Digiprotect which having worked for DL we assume he would have.  Have we just uncovered the specification of the “Monitoring Software”? , if so then this confirms what we have suspected all along, that this “Monitoring Software” is not fit for purpose. This may also explain the complete reluctance by ACS:Law to provide the “Evidence” and “Expert Reports” to those that have requested them.  

2)   Is this commissioned application the very same monitoring software now being used by Media C.A.T ? , and if it is then is this not a serious conflict of interest? not only does it raise serious concerns about the quality and processes used by the “Monitoring Software” it’s also possible that the solicitors concerned:  

a.      Commissioned the program  

b.      Operate the Program  

c.      Gather the Evidence  

d.      Produce the letters of Claim  

e.      Receive Money from the “Damages” claimed  

This may be something that the SRA may wish to investigate further and if the suspicions are proved to be true they should be held to account for their actions.  

So What is the Truth? Is Andrew Crossley merely helping out a friend in need(Lee Bowden) or is Terence Tsang trying to break away from ACS LAW?  How Did Tilly Bailey & Irvine get involved? ….we cant know for sure but certainly their needs to be an investigation by the Solicitors Regulation Authority at the VERY least into the actions of these three people.  It seems at the VERY least that all roads lead to Terence Tsang and Advanmedia/AdvanGroup

Credit: Thx Flaw!

ACS LAW: Lord Lucas “How the game works” and “If the SRA wont do anything about them then WE will”

March 3, 2010 1 comment

Lord Lucas and others in the House of Lords give some hope to the thousands of innocent people accused of wrongdoing by these scheming scamming Solicitors.  It is long but WELL WORTH LISTENING TO.  Check the part from 1:20, he really sums it up well

Tilly Bailey & Irvine, ACS:LAW and Logistep: An Embarrassment to the Creative Rights Industry

March 3, 2010 Leave a comment

Lord Clement Jones lays into these Scamsters Lawyers in VERY strong terms in the House of Lords

Tilly Bailey & Irvine – Speculative Invoicing Letters – Follow ACS:LAW

March 3, 2010 2 comments

Well it HAD to happen, another greedy Solicitor representing the Porn Industry has followed the lead of Davenport Lyons and ACS:LAW and issued letters blackmailing asking innocent people to cough up £800 for downloading some horrendous Pornography that no-one has ever heard of but with such a provoctive title that rather than talk to their family about it they feel compelled to pay these swindlers  Solicitors their hard earned cash.  DONT DO IT!

Here is an example of one of their letters, of course with the personal details left out!

Labour MP Jon Trickett condems Money Grabbing Solicitors

March 1, 2010 Leave a comment

Jon Trickett has condemned as extortion the actions of ACS LAW a Solicitors sending out speculative invoices and trying to scare people into paying them.

Warning from MP over bogus legal letters Local MP Jon Trickett has urged his constituents to keep an eye out for letters they may receive from seemingly legitimate law firms. Jon Trickett said: It’s been brought to my attention that a number of my constituents have received threatening letters from a law firm demanding that they pay considerable sums of money for ‘illegally downloading’ material, such as films, games and music. I have referred all such cases on to the Solicitors Regulation Authority who are currently looking into the firm in question, but I would urge anyone who gets anything similar through the post to either seek independent legal advice or contact my office. Such firms can only get any money out of you by taking you to court and if you have genuinely not broken the law then you have nothing to worry about! I find it disgraceful that anyone should attempt to extort money out of people, particularly in a time of such economic uncertainty and I will continue to push the consumer and regulatory authorities to take tough action when anyone is found to be acting in such a way.

See his Website here and send him a Thankyou for standing up against these bullies.

‘Illegal downloading’ cash demand shock

March 1, 2010 Leave a comment

A GREAT article about ACS LAW a Solicitors “Currently under investigation by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.  In this article is seems that we have an MP following the lead of the LORDS in condemning and actually making a stand against these bottom feeding algae eaters.

See the FULL Article here

ACS:LAW Changed the Registration of their Web Address SO? Well just like to keep a cache

February 13, 2010 Leave a comment

Below are the TWO registered addresses for ACS LAW.  The First one appears to be a residential address of Terence Tsang.  The second is a Rented Office, rented from AVANTA

(I know that certain members of the movement against ACS LAW have conversed with Terence Tsang accusing me of invasion of his privacy and encouraging him to press charges for harrassment (You know who you are) , I feel however that this after discussing this with Legal Advisors that this  is PUBLIC DOMAIN Information and is covered under the FAIR USE Law). 

The OLD Address

Rupert Law Close

Domain name:

Terence Tsang

Registrant type:

Registrant’s address:
Rupert LAw
LE12 8PE


Total Web Solutions Ltd t/a Total Registrations [Tag = TOTALREG]

Relevant dates:
Registered on: 09-Apr-2009
Renewal date: 09-Apr-2011
Last updated: 14-Apr-2009

Registration status:
Registration request being processed.

Name servers:

The NEW Address

Domain name:

Terence Tsang

Registrant type:

Registrant’s address:
ACS Law Solicitors, 18 Hanover Square
Greater London
United Kingdom

Total Web Solutions Ltd t/a Total Registrations [Tag = TOTALREG]

Relevant dates:
Registered on: 09-Apr-2009
Renewal date: 09-Apr-2011
Last updated: 08-May-2009

Registration status:
Registered until renewal date.

Name servers:

ACS LAW send out Phishing Questionnaires UPDATED

February 5, 2010 16 comments

Page 1

Page 2

Acs Law continue its War of attrition against the British Public and their latest round of “Speculative Invoices” seems to contain a rather Sinister Questionnaire.  Please take a look and let me know what you think. 

I believe myself they are terribly unprofessional forms, starting with either a “5” or a “15” in place of  “1”.  It also seems that ACS LAW want to persue or at least ask wether the person would be willing to allow their PC to be inpected by forensic analysis.  Very Interesting

Of course what these forms REALY mean is that ACS LAW dont have enough information and believe you to be stupid enough to supply them the information with which to attack you again

Beingthreatened have produced an additional chapter to their EXCELLENT “Speculative Invoicing” Booklet please see here

Also had an EXCELLENT Spoof Questionnaire sent to me from ACS:FLAW Please see it here  Fishing Questionnaire


January 29, 2010 Leave a comment

Yes finally it seems those merry scamsters legitimate Solicitors are getting a lot of focus in the Mainstream Media.  No word yet from ACS LAW apart from the usual bullying threats of being taking to Court for Slander and other such allegations.  Terence Tsang we know you want to defend Andrew but come on…..

Anyway here is the list

Law firm’s piracy hunt condemned

BPI rejects scareletter approach to possible pirates

ACS:Law-type scams ‘big business’

BPI slams law firm chasing illegal file-sharers

BPI Rejects Piracy Threat Letters and Slams Large Profit Making UK ISPs

Received a letter from ACS LAW? Dont panic

January 26, 2010 3 comments


The alleged Scamsters

Those lovely playful scamsters

 Here are a few links to get acquainted with those who accuse you of file sharing. This is a scam legitimate business model!!!!

Click here for help at the Beingthreatened website*

An Anti ACS Blog

Click here for some background on ACS LAW
and their cronies

Click here to go to the SLYCK Forums
concerning this subject

A YOUTUBE Channel dedicated to highlighting ACS LAW

ACS BORE Facebook group

LOGISTEP IP TRACKERS Facebook group  (seems a great point to gather)

A Portal for LOTS of Links (Where this text was taken from)

*I have NO connection with Beingthreatened and do NOT speak for them.  They ARE the first port of call for those receiving a letter from ACS LAW.  I have no connection with any of the other links, I merely wish to promote their popularity as a way of defeating ACS LAW and their practices against innocent people.

The setup

A group of Solicitors in cahoots with so called “Forensic” Experts using a frowned upon hack of Shareaza are targeting peoples IP addresses for illegal downloads. Now this so far seems quite reasonable right?  I mean it is only fair that people who create games and films should be able to gain money for their work and effort, I have no problem with such a principle.

ACS LAW took over from Davenport Lyons and started to send out their “letters” in early 2009, backed by Digiprotect, Digirights, and Logistep, and at the time of writing, employing Andrew Crossley, Terence Tsang (Ex Davenport Lyons) and one of their Chums Lee Bowden from Piri Ltd they seek to send out over 15,000 threatening demands for cash in the New Year.  

The Modus Operandi

 This has happened all over Europe, for this website I will focus on the UK ops.  Davenport Lyons a well respected Solicitors at the time sullied their name with this tawdry affair.  The Problem?  Well an IP does NOT identify an individual, sure it is allocated to an individual in some ways but it is not foolproof by any means.

Received a letter from Terence Tsang Andrew Crossley and Lee Bowden of Piri, LTD Accusing people of infringing copyright by sharing files via file sharing p2p.

The so called “Top Companies” on their roster of Clients include Reality Pump, Techland, Topware, and Zuxxez  using “Forensic evidence” from Digiprotect. and Logistep



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